About Skytel Solutions

          What is Professional Services?

From a client’s perspective, the professional implementation
of a new communications system is the single most important
part of their purchase and service agreement. After researching
endless options for replacing a business communications system,
a business owner knows what the hardware delivers, what features
are provided and what their vision for the end result is. Too often,
however, the result does not match the vision.

The Skytel Solution Team

Mike Brown

Mike Brown


Mike is the founder and president of Skytel Solutions

Milton Brown

Milton Brown


Milton brings over 50 years of IT experience
and has been in the telecommunications 
industry for the past 30 years. 

Our Company Values

With any financial product that you buy, it is important that you know you are getting the best advice from a reputable company as often you will have to provide sensitive information online or over the internet.

Our partners

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